Testimonials from very happy customers

World-patented Align Footwear® insoles work wherever you walk, run or jump – Buy Align Footwear® insoles here

Align Footwear® visits Associate Professor of Anatomy, Lars Dalhoff

Align Footwear® insoles are working in the direction of something really positive for really many people all over the world. I do believe – based on my experience and competences - that these insoles might be the end of heel spurs, sciatic pain, supination and pronation.

Gilda Laske-Kowalski aus Limburg

"Ich bin restlos begeistert. Mein Orthopäde glaubt mir nicht, aber das ist mir wurscht," erzählt die Gilda Laske-Kowalski.

Lavinia Young

The Align Footwear® insoles make a great difference for Lavinia Young. "My mobility has considerably improved. Less stiffness in my knees and no more need for painkillers," she says.

Fleur Vadillo de Avignon

« Je les utilise toute la journée et lors de ma pratique de marche active : c’est très agréable de sentir que mon genou est stabilisé et que je n’ai aucunes douleurs, vraiment super top. Je les recommande vraiment +++++»

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