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What is a sports insole?

The primary goal of any sports insole is to provide optimal support and shock absorption for the athlete’s feet. Sports insoles focus on correcting foot position to reduce the risk of and prevent injury. Performance often also improves. An insole often has an arch support. There are many variants and brands on the market. Each addresses the various problems and needs that can occur if you have an active lifestyle and engage in sports activities on a regular basis. Most types of insoles focus on the arch. Many feature a wedge or cushion that supports the arch.

Align Footwear® insoles have good shock absorbing properties. If you are an active runner, jumper or move faster or more often than others, our insoles relieve the strain on your muscles, ligaments and joints. If you feel pain in your feet, we recommend that you seek medical attention. A doctor or physiotherapist can explain more about how your foot is constructed. If you wear ill-fitting shoes, they squeeze your feet and can cause discomfort and even pain – not only in your feet, but also in your ankles, knees and hips. You may feel the same discomfort if you occasionally stand more than you are accustomed to. Failure to relieve pressure on your joints, muscles and feet or adequately absorb pressure may ultimately cause permanent damage and chronic pain. A sports insole can help by providing adequate shock absorption. If it is thick and soft at the front, the insole may not necessarily offer more protection. An individual assessment is normally required.

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What type of sports insole should I wear?
In addition to shock absorption, some brands of insoles offer additional support in particular if your running style is overpronating. If you have an arch or heel (plantar fasciitis) injury, an insole may help to give your foot the support it needs – and relieve pressure on particularly vulnerable places.

There are two types of sports insoles – those that focus on comfort and those that focus on support. An insole that has focus on comfort is typically made in a soft material, most often foam or gel. These materials provide a little shock attenuation and absorption. Insoles of this type are often found in very soft running shoes, the main purpose of which is comfort. If you stand for much of the day, a comfortable insole may be beneficial.


Insoles that provide support are designed slightly differently. A soft insole tends to exaggerate pronation, which explains why insoles that provide support are often harder. Supportive insoles are available with different degrees of material hardness and thickness.
A supportive insole usually offers:
• Better posture, i.e. alignment
• Better working conditions for the foot muscles
• Less strain on joint cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscles
• Fewer injuries
• Effective, more appropriate patterns of movement
• Better shock absorption
• Less physical fatigue

Patented Align Footwear® insoles work when you walk, run or jump

For optimal performance, Align Footwear® insoles have three patented points that optimise control, stability and contact between your feet and the underlay. Align Footwear® insoles work with your foot and create the best possible working conditions for the muscles and ligaments of the lower leg, ankle and foot, and ensure that they are all used as naturally as possible in connection with foot movement.

Among other factors, the insoles are the result of intensive biomechanics research into the kinetic chain. Our research has produced new knowledge about how pressure is distributed across the foot sole in the different foot types (those that pronate, are neutral and supinate).

Our insoles strengthen foot muscles and therefore optimise progress in sports training. The insoles correct heel position so that the knees, hips and shoulders are also aligned in a natural, balanced position. The layered design of our insoles means that there are different degrees of hardness in the outer and middle sole to optimise contact with the underlay, stabilising and optimally aligning the body. You have the best conditions for performing at your best and good opportunities to achieve your training goals.

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