Shoes are an important part of your golf game:

In one round you walk for miles and therefore it’s essential that your footwear is good. When playing golf, good golf shoes are required. These should preferably look smart and provide good comfort throughout your walk on the golf course. It is very important that golf shoes provide good support while at the same time being comfortable on your feet.

It will be your feet which will lift your body and make you walk around the track when you go for a 9 or 18 holes golf – and it will be for many miles. Therefore, you should prioritize getting a pair of good and comfortable golf shoes with sensible shock absorption and softness. A good fit and great comfort is a basic requirement, as well as the fact that the golf shoes must ensure a stable and secure footing when you swing your golf club. It is also important that the golf shoes are breathable and will be releasing the moisture unavoidable.

At the same time, it is a good idea to choose a pair of waterproofed shoes.
If you choose a pair of shoes made by leather, you will often get a pair of golf shoes that provide both a great fit and flexibility, however, higher prices and great quality are often closely linked. Artificial leather is a cheaper material, and therefore you will not get the same comfort.

If you play golf all the year and thus in any weather, it would be good to consider a waterproofed and breathable model. Some manufacturers choose to create a waterproof leather shoes by combining it with e.g. the material Gore-Tex. The downside is, however, that they may feel a bit heavier on your feet. If you only play in good weather, choose a less heavy and more airy shoe.
It is important that your golf shoes match how much and for how long you play. Do you play golf very often, you should have at least two pairs of shoes, so the shoes have the opportunity “to rest” and get some air between the rounds.
The comfort of your golf shoes is important for your golf course experience. Your golf shoes should ensure that you are feeling stabile, while keeping your feet warm and dry at the same time. It will provide you with the best and optimal golf game. With a pair of good golf shoes, you will extend the golf season considerably. The weather will no longer become a great excuse for not going to the golf course. On the contrary, it might give you the extra motivation to get out there even though the weather is bad.
We often see golfers who turn up in shoes which are not suitable for a golf course. When you buy golf shoes, it is not only the size of the shoes that matters – your golf shoes must also match your ways of swinging the golf club and the amount of rounds you play. For example, if you have a powerful swing with lots of speed in the club head, it may often be advantageous for you to wear some golf shoes with an extra support.

Optimize your game! Enjoy the comfort – enjoy the game

The choice of footwear and your focus on comfort have both an important influence on your game. You should therefore consider whether your comfort and playing ability may be improved by wearing a pair of insoles. Insoles may improve your overall body posture and alignment by supporting your entire foot and distributing your body weight more evenly and thus relieving pressure points.
An average golfer runs nearly 13,000 steps while carrying 12-25 kg of equipment.

With the insoles from Align Footwear®, your golf handicap will become improved. The technology behind the Align Footwear® insoles will help you achieve a proper alignment of your body and feet which are crucial to your game.

You will experience greater stability and less impact on your body and feet – insoles are often made in highly shock absorbing material that reduces the fatigue of your feet and body in order for you to go and play longer feeling comfortable and happy. Shocks throughout your body that normally will affect your muscles, tendons and joints, will also be significantly reduced. You will experience less fatigue after the game and the unrest, you might feel in your legs after walking many miles during a game round, will become significantly reduced.

Optimize your game – feel the wellness…

The Align Footwear® insoles are patented – and will enhance your well-being and performances on the golf course. The Align Footwear® insoles will provide you with a healthy and aligned posture, comfort and improved balance in your game.
Our patented and unique technology has been developed so you can feel and perform your best from the 1st tee to 18th hole.
Your golf shoes and footwear count as much as any other pieces of golf equipment that you own. Get a better score with the Align Footwear® insoles in your shoes.

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It’s the inside that counts 🙂

So why should you buy a pair of insoles from Align Footwear?

When wearing insoles from Align Footwear® in your golf shoes, you will keep your focus on the game! – You will achieve:

– Easier movements
– Improved energy level
– Improved balance and body/feet alignment
– Your level of competition and performance will become improved
– Reduced risk of injuries caused by a twisting and wrong body posture

How do the insoles from Align Footwear® work then?

Wherever we go and what goals we want to achieve, it will take one step at a time: The effect of daily walks will be noticeable through your body. Your kinetic chain begins in your feet – through your knees, hips and back. The Tri Planar Points technology behind the Align Footwear® insoles will prevent you from walking misaligned and will improve your performance and well-being.

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