Why do we get sore hips?


Why do we get sore hips?

Pelvic pain or pain in the hips may be due to any one or several of a large number of causes. Ask yourself: When did the pain start? Where precisely do I feel pain? Pain in the hips can be caused by overstretching a muscle or injuring tendon anchorage, irritation of the mucous membrane or bursa or cartilage damage. A misaligned pelvis is very often the root cause of hip pain.

Your posture may have been misaligned when you sit or stand or even when you lie in your bed – either for a short time or for years. You may have made a habit of carrying a heavy bag incorrectly on your back. In time, one side of your spine will become stronger than the other. An injury may have forced your posture into misalignment as the healthy part of your spine has compensated for and protected the injury. You may have used incorrect working postures for years. You may even have one or more working positions that use one side of your back than the other. The list is almost endless.

In adulthood, our muscles, tendons, bones and joints begin to lose elasticity and these parts of our body are more likely to become irritated or overloaded. The results are pain, stiffness and soreness.

Depending on your level of physical activity, a misaligned pelvis will usually result in pain – and often impair your quality of life and limit the benefits of physical activity. In severe cases, a misaligned pelvis may lead to debilitating pain, and e.g. arthritis and slipped disc.

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A misaligned pelvis can cause backache, lumbago and sciatica. If the pressure on a nerve becomes too great, pain will radiate down the leg. Lumbar or lower back pain is more often due to misalignment of the lower vertebrae rather than the pelvis. The way in which we walk, stand, jump and run are therefore very important parameters for our quality of life and well-being.

An aligned and balanced pelvis is very important for a healthy body and thus for successful exercising and painless movement in everyday life. When your pelvis is misaligned, one of your legs will be slightly longer than the other. To compensate and ensure that you run evenly, the foot of the longer leg will land before the shorter one. You will therefore usually feel e.g. knee pain in the longer leg.

Misaligned pelvis and hips

Many people have pain in the achilles tendon, hip and knee. Unfortunately, they will not always receive a diagnosis of the cause of the imbalance further up in the body. The tendency is therefore only to address symptoms locally. It is important to focus on maintaining a straight posture/aligned body – including the pelvis and hip. If you revert to a bad habit – this is usually only a matter of time – you very soon return to status quo and will find that you have the same pain and repeated injuries. It is important to introduce healthy habits in everyday life. To avoid pelvic pain, you should maintain a correctly aligned posture/body. A stable and correct posture keeps your body aligned in a natural position.

How can Align Footwear® insoles help?

Align Footwear® insoles help to straighten up – align – your body into the natural position. The insoles coax your feet into the correct position so that you walk, run, jump and stand correctly in your shoes. Re-alignment has a positive impact on the skeleton, from the ankle right up through the body to your neck. Customers with neck problems report that, when they start wearing Align Footwear® insoles in their shoes and walk better aligned and upright, they stop taking painkillers.

When the body is balanced and aligned from the feet all the way up to the neck, not only do balance and posture improve, but inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles and ligaments are also significantly reduced. We have many customers who find they have significantly less pain when they wear our insoles.

Align Footwear® insoles enhance movement, comfort and performance. They promote better posture and body alignment in your kinetic chain and improve your health and well-being. When your body is aligned and you move correctly, i.e. in the natural position, the load of every step you take is more evenly distributed. Our insoles reduce destructive shock waves throughout your body every time your feet hit the ground. This makes for less pressure and less potential inflammation of the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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